– Important Announcement

By MARCUS STEAD will provide daily updates from the Betfred World Championship for the 10th year in a row, but I have reluctantly decided that this will be the last tournament to be covered by the website.

When Rob Kinsella (web designer) and I planned the website ten years ago, he and I were at very different stages of our lives, and snooker was in a very different place.

In 2007, both Rob and I were 23 years old. He was looking to establish his career in web design, and I was taking my first steps in journalism. My first book, a biography of Frankie Dettori was about to be published, and I was still some months away from beginning my formal NCTJ training as a journalist.

The snooker tour at that time was more-or-less at its lowest ebb, with seven ranking tournaments plus the Masters. There were long gaps between tournaments, even in the depths of winter.

Everything has moved on enormously since then. Rob is a successful and respected web designer. I have firmly established myself in both print and broadcast journalism (click here for more information on my own website), and the professional snooker tour has been transformed beyond recognition since Barry Hearn took control of the game towards the end of 2009.

This website does not make a profit. It was quite easy to give comprehensive coverage to eight tournaments per year as a hobby, but this season there were 25 events on the calendar, and there simply aren’t enough hours in a day for me to give the modern tour the level of coverage it deserves on an unpaid basis.

On top of that, the busy nature of the tour means there is a lot of ‘off the table’ activity to report, whereas before the ‘Hearn Revolution’, weeks could go by when not very much would happen either on or off the table.

As you have probably gathered, this website hasn’t been updated since the conclusion of last year’s World Championship, simply because neither Rob nor I have the time to dedicate to it without remuneration.

I have never been busier in terms of the amount of work I do elsewhere as a snooker journalist. I write extensively for Snooker Scene magazine each month. I am a regular contributor to radio discussions about snooker, and in 2015/16, I created a number of snooker features for Made in Cardiff TV.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has read and supported this website during the last decade, and I look forward to continuing my relationship with snooker in other capacities.

Enjoy the World Championship!