Neil Robertson Makes 147 Break En Route To Betway UK Championship Title

Neil Robertson 3NEIL Robertson became the first player to make a 147 maximum break in a UK Championship final on his way to a 10-5 victory against Liang Wenbo at the Barbican Centre, York.

The final produced a contrast of personalities, with Robertson’s intense, focused approach against Liang’s jovial, extroverted manner.

Robertson, who came into the tournament having recently won the Champion of Champions title, continued to produce the impressive form he’d shown all week as a break of 60 helped him go 2-0 in front.

Liang, playing in his first final on British soil at the age of 28, struck back with a break of 110, but Robertson re-established his two frame advantage with a break of 106 in frame four.

A close fifth frame went Liang’s way, but Robertson responded in the next with a 147 maximum break, the first made by any player in the final of snooker’s three majors (the UK Championship, the Masters and the World Championship). There was a moment of tension as Robertson held his nerve to pot the pink with the aid of the rest, before adding a straightforward black.

The maximum break earned Robertson an additional £44,000, a prize he keeps all to himself after Thepchaiya Un-Nooh missed the final black in his 147 attempt earlier in the week.

The 2013 champion also took the next frame, but Liang’s break of 86 ensured he remained in contention at the end of the afternoon session, trailing 5-3.

A break of 82 saw Liang close the gap to a single frame at the start of the evening session, but Robertson struck back with a 78 and added the next to lead 7-4.

Liang made a 78 break of his own in the next, but Robertson held his nerve in key moments for the remainder of the match as he took frame 13 with a break of 56 and added the following two frames to claim the title for the second time.

Robertson received the first prize of £150,000, the ‘rolling’ prize for a maximum break, which stood at £40,000 plus the tournament highest break prize of £4,000.

Betway UK Championship, The Barbican Centre, York:

Final (best of 19 frames)

Sunday, 6 December

Neil Robertson (Aus) 10-5 Liang Wenbo (Chn)

71-40, 69-16 (60), 0-110 (110), 106-6 (106), 59-62, 151-0 (147), 69-33 (69), 0-86 (86), 27-90 (82), 78-47 (78), 74-15, 1-78 (78), 70-35 (56), 59-55, 62-9

Previous results

Saturday, 5 December

Semi-finals (best of 11 frames)

Neil Robertson (Aus) 6-0 Mark Selby (Eng)

60-52 (52), 69-55 (68 Robertson, 55 Selby), 78-26 (53), 73-20, 60-53, 58-54

Liang Wenbo (Chn) 6-4 David Grace (Eng)

61-55, 9-85, 41-93 (52), 0-76, 110-12 (110), 6-75, 58-9, 75-8, 71-20 (50), 67-55

Friday, 4 December

Quarter-finals (best of 11 frames)

Liang Wenbo (Chn) 6-5 Marco Fu (HK)

106-19 (106), 132-5 (132), 138-0 (138), 49-65 (64), 9-58, 80-11, 87-32, 45-79 (79), 23-68, 0-72, 84-21

Neil Robertson (Aus) 6-5 John Higgins (Sco)

9-119 (119), 71-47, 106-0 (106), 130-0 (59, 71), 56-1 (56), 0-120 (69), 1-134 (134), 72-12, 0-134 (134), 22-73 (66), 73-1

David Grace (Eng) 6-5 Martin Gould (Eng)

49-63, 74-18 (74), 0-125 (125), 15-62, 8-127 (127), 8-115 (72), 62-53 (Grace 50), 78-45, 69-5, 72-19, 81-59

Matthew Selt (Eng) 1-6 Mark Selby (Eng)

60-73, 10-80 (63), 87-0 (83), 56-72, 5-92 (60), 8-67 (62), 0-73 (72)

Thursday, 3 December

Fourth round (best of 11 frames)

Martin Gould (Eng) 6-3 Joe Swail (NI)

Jamie Burnett (Sco) 4-6 John Higgins (Sco)

Liang Wenbo (Chn) 6-5 Tom Ford (Eng)

Neil Robertson (Aus) 6-1 Stephen Maguire (Sco)

Wednesday, 2 December

Fourth round (best of 11 frames)

Luca Brecel (Bel) 4-6 Matthew Selt (Eng)

Marco Fu (HK) 6-4 Shaun Murphy (Eng)

Dechawat Poomjaeng (Tha) 1-6 Mark Selby (Eng)

Peter Ebdon (Eng) 2-6 David Grace (Eng)

Tuesday, 1 December

Third round (best of 11 frames)

Martin Gould (Eng) 6-4 Mark Allen (NI)

Tom Ford (Eng) 6-1 Kyren Wilson (Eng)

Ben Woollaston (Eng) 2-6 Shaun Murphy (Eng)

Stephen Maguire (Sco) 6-4 Mark Davis (Eng)

Judd Trump (Eng) 4-6 Liang Wenbo (Chn)

David Gilbert (Eng) 3-5 Marco Fu (HK)

Neil Robertson (Aus) 6-2 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (Tha)

Dechawat Poomjaeng (Tha) 6-5 Mark Joyce (Eng)

Monday, 30 November

Third round (best of 11 frames)

Stuart Bingham (Eng) 3-6 Peter Ebdon (Eng)

Jamie Burnett (Sco) 6-3 Li Hang (Chn)

Allister Carter (Eng) 2-6 John Higgins (Sco)

Robbie Williams (Eng) 3-6 Matthew Selt (Eng)

David Grace (Eng) 6-4 JackLisowski (Eng)

Michael Holt (Eng) 1-6 Joe Swail (NI)

Robin Hull (Fin) 2-6 Luca Brecel (Bel)

Jamie Jones (Wal) 5-6 Mark Selby (Eng)

Sunday, 29 November

Second round (best of 11 frames)

Dominic Dale (Wal) 5-6 Peter Ebdon (Eng)

Fergal O’Brien (Ire) 5-6 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (Tha)

Anthony McGill (Sco) 4-6 Luca Brecel (Bel)

Barry Hawkins (Eng) 3-6 Robin Hull (Fin)

Neil Robertson (Aus) 6-2 Aditya Mehta (Ind)

Robert Milkins (Eng) 2-6 David Grace (Eng)

Xiao Guodong (Chn) 1-6 Jamie Jones (Wal)

Stephen Maguire (Sco) 6-0 Jamie Cope (Eng)

Matthew Selt (Eng) 6-4 Sean O’Sullivan (Eng)

Judd Trump (Eng) 6-3 Stuart Carrington (Eng)

Oliver Lines (Eng) 0-6 Mark Selby (Eng)

Michael Georgiou (Eng) 2-6 Mark Allen (NI)

Daniel Wells (Wal) 3-6 Allister Carter (Eng)

Mark Joyce (Eng) 6-2 Sydney Wilson (Eng)

Chris Wakelin (Eng) 2-6 Michael Holt (Eng)

Saturday 28 November

Second round (best off 11 frames)

Joe Swail (NI) 6-5 Adam Duffy (Eng)

Kyren Wilson (Eng) 6-2 Mike Dunn (Eng)

Gerard Greene (NI) 5-6 David Gilbert (Eng)

Russ Muir (Sco) 5-6 Ben Woollaston (Eng)

Zhou Yuelong (Chn) 1-6 Shaun Murphy (Eng)

Jamie Burnett (Sco) 6-3 Alan McManus (Sco)

Li Hang (Chn) 6-5 Ricky Walden (Eng)

Joe Perry (Eng) 3-6 Robbie Williams (Eng)

Stuart Bingham (Eng) 6-3 Anthony Hamilton (Eng)

Tian Pengfei (Chn) 2-6 John Higgins (Sco)

Mark Williams (Wal) 5-6 Tom Ford (Eng)

Yu De Lu (Chn) 0-6 Marco Fu (HK)

Graeme Dott (Sco) 5-6 Jack Lisowski (Eng)

Mark Davis (Eng) 6-3 Ken Doherty (Ire)

Gary Wilson (Eng) 4-6 Martin Gould (Eng)

Liang Wenbo (Chn) 6-2 Jimmy Robertson (Eng)

Thursday 26 November

First round (best of 11 frames)

Robert Milkins (Eng) 6-0 Vinnie Calabrese (Aus)

Rod Lawler (Eng) 4-6 Daniel Wells (Wal)

Graeme Dott (Sco) 6-2 Nigel Bond (Eng)

Robin Hull (Fin) 6-4 Zhang Anda (Chn)

Barry Hawkins (Eng) 6-5 Andy Hicks (Eng)

Robbie Williams (Eng) 6-3 Mitchell Mann (Eng)

Mark Allen (NI) 6-2 Zhao Xintong (Chn)

Dechawat Poomjaeng (Tha) 6-4 Chris Melling (Eng)

Stuart Bingham (Eng) 6-1 Jordan Brown (NI)

Anthony Hamilton (Eng) 6-4 Peter Lines (Eng)

David Gilbert (Eng) 6-1 Jason Weston (Eng)

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (Tha) 6-3 Darryl Hill (Eng)

Fergal O’Brien (Ire) 6-5 Thor Chuan Leong (Mas)

Kurt Maflin (Nor) 3-6 Sean O’Sullivan (Eng)

Mark Selby (Eng) 6-0 Joe O’Connor (Eng)

Mark Joyce (Eng) 6-4 Barry Pinches (Eng)

Fergal O’Brien (Ire) 6-5 Thor Chuan Leong (Mas)

Mark Joyce (Eng) 6-4 Barry Pinches (Eng)

Kyren Wilson (Eng) 6-3 Paul S Davison (Eng)

Dominic Dale (Wal) 6-0 Michael Wild (Eng)

Neil Robertson (Aus) 6-3 Alex Taubman (Wal)

Luca Brecel (Bel) 6-1 Hossein Vafaei Ayouri (Irn)

Stephen Maguire (Sco) 6-5 Jimmy White (Eng)

Xiao Guodong (Chn) 6-5 Noppon Saengkam (Tha)

Matthew Selt (Eng) 6-5 Zhang Yong (Chn)

Cao Yupeng (Chn) 2-6 Oliver Lines (Eng)

Wednesday 25 November

First round results (best of 11 frames)

Michael Holt (Eng) 6-4 Fraser Patrick (Sco)

Jimmy Robertson (Eng) 6-4 Lu Ning (Chn)

Mark Williams (Wal) 6-4 Hamza Akbar (Pkn)

Mike Dunn (Eng) 6-3 Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon (Tha)

Ricky Walden (Eng) 6-1 Itaro Santos (Brz)

Gerard Greene (NI) 6-0 Michael Leslie (Sco)

Ryan Day (Wal) 6-1 Duane Jones (Wal)

Zhou Yuelong (Chn) 6-3 Craig Steadman (Eng)

Shaun Murphy (Eng) 6-1 Ashley Hugill (Eng)

Peter Ebdon (Eng) 6-0 Lyu Chenwei (Chn)

Rory McLeod (Eng) 5-6 Jamie Cope (Eng)

Yu Delu (Chn) 6-2 Michael Wasley (Eng)

Allister Carter (Eng) 6-4 Alfie Burden (Eng)

Mark King (Eng) 5-6 Ross Muir (Sco)

Joe Perry (Eng) 6-1 James Wattana (Tha)

Jamie Burnett (Sco) 6-1 Sanderson Lam (Eng)

Judd Trump (Eng) 6-1 Hammad Miah (Eng)

Matthew Stevens (Wal) 5-6 Chris Wakelin (Eng)

Marco Fu (HK) 6-2 Hatem Yassen (Egy)

Aditya Mehta (Ind) 6-5 Sam Baird (Eng)

Ben Woollaston (Eng) 6-1 Steven Hallworth (Eng)

Li Hang (Chn ) 6-5 Lee Walker (Wal)

Alan McManus (Sco) 6-5 Eden Sharav (Sco)

Tian Pengfei (Chn) 6-1 Ian Burns (Eng)

Tuesday 24 November

First round results (best of 11 frames)

Mark Davis (Eng) 6-1 Rhys Clark (Sco)

Andrew Higginson (Eng) 1-6 David Grace (Eng)

John Higgins (Sco) 6-1 Leo Fernandez (Ire)

David Morris (Ire) 5-6 Michael Georgiou (Eng)

Martin Gould (Eng) 6-2 Allan Taylor (Eng)

Stuart Carrington (Eng) 6-4 Liam Highfield (Eng)

Jamie Jones (Wal) 6-4 Ian Glover (Eng)

Ken Doherty (Ire) 6-0 Tony Drago (Mlt)

Ding Junhui (Chn) 2-6 Adam Duffy (Eng)

Jack Lisowski (Eng) 6-4 Zak Surety (Eng)

Liang Wenbo (Chn) 6-1 Gareth Allen (Wal)

Gary Wilson (Eng) 6-3 Martin O’Donnell (Eng)

Anthony McGill (Sco) 6-3 James Cahill (Eng)

Joe Swail (Eng ) 6-0 Joel Walker (Eng)

Michael White (Wal) 5-6 Sydney Wilson (Eng)

Tom Ford (Eng) 6-1 Scott Donaldson (Sco)